Freelancer Resources

It is important to communicate effectively with your clients to extract as much information from them about what they expect from you as a freelancer. Here are some helpful questions for your client.

Ask about their business

It is important you understand the market your business sits in. It is crucial that you understand your client’s industry. Who are their competitors?

What do you want this piece of work to achieve?

What does the business what to accomplish with this project, what are their goals? Do they want increased sales, more phone calls, website traffic?

Who is the audience?

Find out the demographics of their typical customer, how old are they? What is their income bracket?  This will allow you to create work that directly speaks to their target audience.

What do you want me to produce / what exists already?

Establish whether you are working with set brand guidelines e.g. does the client have an existing logo or business colours or do you have free range to come up with something new?

What that already exists do you like / what do you not like?

Understand your client’s taste, find examples of work that they like and encourage them to discuss what it is that appeals to them. Find out what your client does not like s0 you can understand what to avoid when completing the project.


At the end of the project, you will need to create an invoice for your client for the services you have provided for them.

If you need any further help with invoicing or communicating with clients, contact us.

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