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Updated August 2023


Personal data is information relating to an identifiable living individual.  The use of personal data is governed by the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. Transparency is a key element of data protection legislation, and this Privacy Notice is designed to inform you:

·   how and why the University uses your personal data,

·   what your rights are in relation to the use of your personal data, and,

·   how to contact us so that you can exercise those rights.

Data Subject Rights

Data protection legislation gives you the following rights:

·   The right to be informed

·   The right of access

·   The right to rectification

·   The right to erase

·   The right to restrict processing

·   The right to data portability

·   The right to object

·   Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling

For more information about these rights please further information on our website and the Contact Us section at the end of this Privacy Notice.

Who We Are

Hallam Freelancers is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sheffield Hallam University. It operates as a regulated online website and service, designed to provide undergraduate and post-graduate students and graduates, with the opportunity to promote their professional creative skills and expertise to potential clients, to secure paid freelance work.

Format of this Privacy Notice

This notice is divided into sections relating to our different stakeholders and data subjects.  Please see the section relevant to you:

·   Freelancers

·   Clients

There are some general sections at the end of this Notice which apply to all our stakeholders.  These sections relate to:

• Security
• Retention
• Your rights
• How to contact us

Why are we processing your personal data?

The legal conditions/lawful bases for processing personal data are set out in Article 6 of the UK GDPR. At least one of these must apply whenever an organisation processes personal data.


We process your personal data for the following reasons:

·   To create and showcase your online freelancer profile for potential clients to view (Article 6 lawful basis – consent)

·   To communicate relevant and timely information to you e.g., updates on new platform features, training opportunities,

sector information, networking events, funding opportunities (Article 6 lawful basis – legitimate interests)

·   To contact you to request feedback on successful matches on the Hallam Freelancer website and service (Article 6 lawful basis – legitimate interests)

·   For internal (Sheffield Hallam) reporting purposes i.e., freelancers according to course, year of study and demographics; freelancers by sector; number of matches; income generated (Article 6 lawful basis – legitimate interests)


We process your business data for the following reasons:

·   To advertise work opportunities to the appropriate freelancer group (Article 6 lawful basis – consent)

·   To pass on contact details to selected freelancers (Article 6 lawful basis – consent)

·   To conduct due diligence as to the legitimacy of the work opportunity being offered (Article 6 lawful basis – legitimate interests)

·   To communicate relevant and timely information on new platform features and/or changes to the Hallam Freelancers agency processes (Article 6 lawful basis – legitimate interests)

·   To contact you to request feedback on successful matches and/or experience of engaging with the Hallam Freelancer website and service (Article 6 lawful basis – legitimate interests)

·   For internal (Sheffield Hallam) reporting purposes i.e., number of freelance opportunities advertised; freelance jobs per sector; number of matches; income generated for the freelancer (Article 6 lawful basis – legitimate interests)

Which Personal Data do we Collect and Use?

In order to provide our service, we need to collect and use your personal data. Below is a list of what this may include:


·   Freelancer details (e.g., email, phone number, course, year of study etc.)

·   Additional personal data for demographic reporting – this may include special category personal data (e.g., ethnicity, disability etc), will only be used for internal reporting and only be collected and processed with your explicit consent. ^*

·   Student ID (where applicable)

·   Freelancer biography which may include an optional photo image or logo ^*

·   Relevant online portfolio links


·   Full Name

·   Business Name (if available) ^

·   Business contact details (email, phone number)

·   Social media handles and website (if available) ^

* Denotes information which may contain data classified as sensitive personal data/special categories of personal data under the UK GDPR and as such is subject to a greater level of control and protection.

^ Denotes information which you provide on a voluntary basis or where you are given the option of “prefer not to say” or "information refused".

Who do we share your data with?

You should be aware that to provide our services we may need to share your personal data within the organisation or outside Sheffield Hallam University. The privacy of your personal data is paramount and will not be disclosed unless there is a justified purpose for doing so.  The University NEVER sells personal data to third parties.

Your data may be shared with:

·    University staff who need the information to enable the administration of the Hallam Freelancer initiative.  Special category/sensitive  personal data will only be processed by University staff, and will not be shared with any third party supplier.

·    For Clients only, your data (contact information and details of the work opportunity) will be shared with Freelancer(s) advertising on Hallam Freelancers who have the appropriate skills and who may be interested in the work opportunity that you are advertising.

·    The Hallam Freelancer website is hosted by Ghost Pro, and the contact form by Cognito Form.  This means that your personal data may be transferred to and processed in the USA.


The University takes a robust approach to protecting the information it holds. This includes the installation and use of technical measures including firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention tools on the University network and segregation of different types of device; the use of tools on University computers to detect and remove malicious software and regular assessment of the technical security of University systems. University staff monitor systems and respond to suspicious activity.

Alongside these technical measures there are comprehensive and effective policies and processes in place to ensure that users and administrators of University information are aware of their obligations and responsibilities for the data they have access to. By default, people are only granted access to the information they require to perform their duties. Training is provided to new staff joining the University and existing staff have training and expert advice available if needed.



All freelancers listed on the Hallam Freelancer website will be contacted by the Enterprise Team in July of each year to ask if they wish their personal data and Hallam Freelancer profile to be maintained for a further year. For those who ask for their personal data and profile to be deleted, this will be done with immediate effect.  For non-respondents, their personal data and profile will automatically be deleted from our records and website with effect from 31 August of each year.

Please Note: you have the right to contact the Enterprise Team at any time during the year to ask for your personal data and website profile to be deleted.


All client data is stored securely on Cognito Forms for one year after the data is collected. Clients have the right to request that their data be deleted from our records at any time.

Contact Us

Please contact the Data Protection Officer if

·   you would like to request copies of your personal data held by the University (a subject access request)

·   you would like to exercise your other rights (e.g., to have inaccurate data rectified, to restrict or object to processing)

·   you have a query about how your data is used by the University

·   you would like to report a data security breach (e.g., if you think your personal data has been lost or disclosed inappropriately)

·   you would like to complain about how the University has used your personal data

Data Protection Officer

Governance, Legal and Sector Regulation

City Campus

Howard Street


S1 1WB

Telephone: 0114 225 5555


The Enterprise Team

Hallam i-Lab

Aspect Court (floor 6)

Pond Hill


S1 2BG

Telephone: 0114 225 3131


Further Information and Support

Please see more information about how the University uses personal data.

The Information Commissioner is the regulator for the UK GDPR.  The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has a website with information and guidance for members of the public:

The Information Commissioner's Office operates a telephone helpline, live chat facility and email enquiry service.  You can also report concerns online.  For more information please see the Contact Us page of their website:

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